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Susan Lambert 

I received your cookies today as a thank you gift! I had never heard of your cookies here in Missouri but WOW!! I will certainly be looking into having more! DELICIOUS!!!

Cristin Email

Recieved your cookies as a thank you gift last week.  They are fabulous!  All flavors, no complaints.  Other than my waistline, of course.  Gave some to Mom and she declared the chocolate chip cookie was, "The best cookie I have ever had!"  Keep up the great work!

Gladys Wagstaff Email

I just discover your cookies while visiting my sister in Anne Arundel Medical Center. I have been bragging on them ever since, especially the macadamia nuts, coconut and sweet chocolate ones.  After she was released, I made another trip just to get some more of the cookies. Thank you so much..

Anna Email

A coworker got me a box for Christmas and they are awesome cookies. Thanks


Just looooove your cookies.  Whenever I'm in the mood for a good cookie I go to Hope's.  I pass several bakeries before I get to Hope's but just drive by them.  You never go wrong at Hope's no matter what cookie you get.  Happy holidays.

Maureen Email


We just received a box of your cookies at work from a vendor as a holiday type gift.  The box was so creative how it was wrapped.  The cookies are very good.  This would be a great way to surprise other people to have these delivered to them.  Thank you so much for an awesome product. 

Teresa Email

Do u ship to Germany ?

No, I'm sorry we do not.

Hope Email

yes, my name is Hope - hence when we saw a franchise of your shop in the airport (can't remember if it was San Francisco or LA, we were at both that day) - but your Hope Royale!  is the one to get!!!  We sent some to our nephew for his bday and some will be on their way next week to the two boys were are fathers!  thought they might get a kick at receiving "Hope's Cookies" from mom (i.e. Hope)   Is there anyway to purchase a large sticker saying "Hope's Cookies" in purple...or a sign?  I would love to hang one in my kitchen!  And what advertisement when we take some to our church's potluck!    Love your cookies!


I have been ordering Hope's Cookies for family and friends for at least 5 years, if not more.  Every time I do, the recipient raves about them.  I can whole heartedly agree as I was introduced to these wonderful treats when someone sent them to me.  Such a great gift to give and I've yet to hear a complaint - and I'd say I've sent them to dozens of people!

Susannah Herring 

We received our thank you package today from a friend and the cookies are YUMMY!!!! The box and ribbon are so cute and cookies very fresh.
We are going to send them as gifts now that we know about you.
Thank you for making such a delicious product!!
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